Taking Legal Operations to the Next Level

Integrate and unify your legal applications, platforms, data and workflows to visualize operations and drive insight-based decisions.


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Who we are

Your partner for legal application, platform, data and workflow integration

LogicShark provides innovative products, solutions and services that address the growing needs of law firms and corporate legal departments to improve efficiency, quality, and drive superior business outcomes.


Our products provide visual, no-code tools that allow business users to connect applications, platforms and data, create executive dashboards and automate complicated workflows.


Our solutions deliver bundled products, pre-configured dashboards, workflow templates and services, designed to meet the specific needs of law firms and corporate legal departments in managing their legal operations.


From Strategic Planning to Digitization, Data Migration, Change Management or Implementation services, our team is focused on accelerating deployment and ensuring successful utilization and adoption.

How we're different

We leverage YOUR existing solutions

We are not a legal application platform, rather we are a legal application integration platform. We focus on delivering the value promised from your original legal platform investment. Our goal is to fill the "gaps" in your current solution by ensuring the information in your legal platform is not "locked" in yet another silo, but rather leveraged by your other enterprise platforms to drive critical business processes and make more informed and data-driven decisions.
Our promise

We focus on user experience

Our solutions employ intuitive, familiar, visual interfaces that allow business users to quickly adopt and become proficient with our products. As a result, law firms and corporate legal departments can devote more time to substantive legal work and less time learning a new user interface.
Discover and Protect your data

Our solutions enhance security

You can not protect what you don't know you have. Our solutions enable you to uncover and surface data and documents residing in applications or file shares without the appropriate security profiles applied. Our connector and crawler technology allow you to uncover this information and apply the appropriate policies to ensure security and policy compliance.
Our offerings

We Deliver Results

Our dashboard and workflow products create insights and enable automation relating to your data. We demystify complex KPIs and business processes to unlock the power of your legal platforms while compiling a concise unified view of your legal operations.

CNECT Dashboard Designer

Point-and-click features enable business users to quickly and easily create charts, graphs and real-time data feeds to empower your entire team with data insights without coding.

CNECT Workflow Designer

Simplify the steps involved in creating a workflow with our drag-n-drop block-based workflow designer. Business users can easily integrate applications and data to automate key business processes without coding.

CNECT Integration Library

Securely integrate your legal applications and platforms using our extensive integration library. Remove questions regarding data location and accuracy, and configure live data feeds quickly and easily without coding.

CNECT Platform

The CNECT platform provides the system connectivity, data transformation, and security needed to quickly visualize your organization's performance to adjust and automate key business processes.

Law Firm Reporting

Get an overview of your firm’s performance in a visual dashboard. Track your firm’s utilization, realization, and collection rates. Understand how much your firm’s work day is spent on billable work, where can you adjust and better allocate resources.

Executive Analytics

Get an overview of your company's performance in a visual dashboard. Monitor business processes to proactively identify issues, minimize costs, enhance decision-making and strive to exceed performance expectations.

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