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We offer a comprehensive set of services designed specifically to help you every step of the way.  While our software is designed to be configured and deployed by non-technical personnel, if you need the help, we're here for you!   

Strategy and planning services

Digital Transformation Strategy

Ensure your team has a strategy for identifying the business processes to be streamlined through intelligent integration of systems to share data and documents. Accounting for organizational culture is paramount for ensuring that new processes and technologies take root. Our analysts and strategists have the requisite experience to guide your efforts to a successful conclusion.

software deployment services

CNECT Platform Configuration

Short-handed? No problem! Leverage our product experts to accelerate deployment and ensure successful utilization and adoption.

data migration services

CNECT Integration Library

Consolidate data and documents from departmental solutions by migrating them into your enterprise platforms quickly and easily using the CNECT platform, our collection of nearly 200 connectors, and our data migration specialists.
user adoption services

Change Management

A successful transformation takes into account your team's culture to plan for how your new dashboards, workflow processes, and technologies take root in your day-to-day operations. Our Change Management specialists ensure your teams needs are understood and addressed to ensure you hit the ground running on Day One.

How we help

A Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Legal Platform Integration

Whether you are using an ELM platform, or you have a collection of point solutions, there will be a need for systems integration if you are to transform your legal department to meet the growing expectations. LogicShark Professional Services help you understand your needs, develop a strategy and plan for deployment, and guide your team through the adoption and utilization to ensure success.

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